Metal & Lace 2 Original Soundtrack will be releaced at the Tokyo Game Music Show


We will release the soundtrack for the game “Metal & Lace 2 (Ningyo Tsutsumi 2)” released in 1996 at the Tokyo Game Music Show on February 15, 2020. I am in charge of only 2 songs, but if you are interested in good old FM sound source and chip tune, please take it by all means.

Hideki Higuchi

We will exhibit at Tokyo Game Music Show on February 15 (Sat). We will releace Metal & Lace 2 soundtrack.

Music: Hideki Higuchi, watson (NAVA)
Official site

Advance tickets are on sale until 18:00 on Thursday, February 13! There is a ticket on the day! #TGMS2020

12:00-January 29, 2020

What is Metal & Lace 2 ?

A 2D fighting game released by FOREST in 1996. It was playable on PC-9800 series and Windows.There are some reviews on the web, so if you are interested, please searching. The fighting part seems to be a very good evaluation! But you need to be careful that it is an adult game. (I refrained from link ^_^;).

| カテゴリ:お知らせ(watson)


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