Free Production Music - MusMus

You can download free production music, registration unnecessary.

Just credit us and you are free to use our music.

Music is a universal language

My website is in Japanese except for this page. But! You can listen and download with intuitive operation. Music is a universal language. Please check it with your eyes and ears.


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Can I use MusMus music in my videos on YouTube or Twitch?

Yes. All we ask is that you credit the MusMus in the description of your video or livestream.

Can I monetise my video if I've used MusMus songs?

Yes. No problem.

Can I use MusMus music in my game or app?

Yes. You can use it.

How do I credit the Music I use properly?

Please do as follows in your contents description.

"Music provided by"

Lisence(a simplified version)


MusMus's music is free to use but make sure you follow the guidelines in the MusMus usage policy.


We ask that you credit my website information somewhere in your project.
"music by MusMus"


You are not permitted to distribute my music to anywere.

My music can not be the main in the content

My music should be used as background music for your original content.

Read more(Japanese)

MusMus YouTube channel

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I also distribute the music production process.